Open PTA Meeting featuring Headteacher’s Forum

On Monday evening, May 21st, we had an open PTA meeting in Sacred Heart Church. Thank you so much to all the parents who joined us. Here is a quick re-cap for those who couldn’t…
The meeting started with the Headteacher’s Forum, where parents had the opportunity to bring any questions or issues up with Mr Brading and to share their views away from the formal school setting. What we have all experienced was a calm and constructive discussion around the topics of party bags / healthier, sensible choices, school budget and support staff, to mention but a few. The feedback from parents who came to the meeting was very positive, they liked being listened to and having the opportunity to put their point across. Mr Brading listened carefully and explained in length, when necessary, how our school operates. It was an interesting meeting and we hope to continue it in the future.
We followed up with a quick overview of the PTA account before sharing the playground designs by different playground developers. It was good to see what the transformation of the KS2 space might look like. This week we had a visit from PentagonPlay, who specialise in timber structures and on Tue, June 5th, we have the last visit – the company who came recommended by Mr Brading.
We ran over the upcoming events – postponed Spring Clean-up, Teacher Appreciation May 14-25th, this will be followed by ‘Appreciation for All’ when we return. The June events are Father’s day and the PTA is taking part in the Falcon Road Festival this year, on the 30th June. We will need volunteers for both events, even if you can give just 20 minutes.
The PTA will do a short intro to the new parents joining Nursery and Reception at their meetings on the 2nd and 4th July.