Class representative

Almost every class now has a representative (Reps), who acts as a link between the FOSH and each class group as well as the social organizer for their class.

Each class has a WhatsApp group to contact and share news/updates. If you are not in the group of your class ask the Rep for access.

The Class Reps help with organizing events and managing stalls. Their role is rewarding, and this position lasts usually for a year, or longer. Ideally, we would like two Class Reps per class.

If you are interested and would like to be a Class Rep, but you like to know more about please let us know,  please email us at [email protected]

Class Reps 2021-2022

HH Kitti [email protected]
Nursery Ivana [email protected]
Reception Nana [email protected]   
Year 1W Vanessa [email protected]
Year 1P Lesley [email protected]
Year 2C Diana [email protected] 
Year 2S Olga [email protected]
Year 3B Zana [email protected]
Year 3M Patricia [email protected]
Year 4M Stephen [email protected]
Year 4P Claire [email protected]
Year 5S  Sonia [email protected]
Year 5C Joanna [email protected]
Year  6G
Year 6T Michelle [email protected]