Financial Report 2016/2017

Sacred Heart School Battersea FoSH ½ yearly General Meeting Treasurer’s Report for year ended July 31st, 2017

Firstly many thanks to everyone who have contributed in the success of this year‘s event. In summary, our total income since the FoSH  has been set up is £2544.07 from the sales event and donation from generous parents.


The total amount raised for this year is £2544.07.The attached accounts gives further details of how money was raised from the period of 05/05/17 to 14/07/2017.The Fun day fair appears to have been a massive success where a total of £1729.98 has been raised. We have also held a cake sale where another total of £408.11 has been raised and finally donation from a couple of parents for the amount of £260.


We have not yet made a capital expenditure, however some spending have been made in organising the various events. £372.42 was spent in preparation for the Fun day fair and £75 was donated to the school towards the end of year staff party.