Involving parents, raising achievement

What hopes do we have for your children? Do you pray they enjoy learning, do well at school, love books, write thrilling stories and have good friends? Do you want them to excel and get into a very good secondary school ? And how about a university degree? Do you dream they have a good life one day? What silly questions! Of course, we do!

No parent wants their children to struggle at school, find numbers and letters difficult, or have a hard time and feel miserable and keep getting into trouble.
It’s been proven that children of mums and dads (or significant adults) who are involved in their children’s educational experience make more confident and successful students, which in return, improves the school. Everyone wins! But the best outcome must be the positive learning experience, which boosts children’s self-esteem and gives them the drive and the resilience to learn and achieve.

Parental involvement in the life of the school and support at home up to the age of 16 has a significant impact on children and it said to be a more powerful force than the family background, wealth or the level of parental education. Involved parents really do raise achievement.

In Sacred Heart School we celebrate the involvement of parents and families in the life of our school. In the 2018, parents have helped in many ways. In March a group of dads
combined their muscle power to improve the front garden by moving the fence to keep the chickens and the ducks safe and to keep them away from the paths and the patio.

The Fence Job.

The fence job

The fence job

Here, Tim (Elizabeth’s dad), Zdenko (Uma’s dad) and Rex ( Billy’s dad) have just finished the fence job. With the chickens and ducks behind the fence, the staff will be able to enjoy the peaceful & clean garden once again.

New Foosball Tables

Foosball table being assembled

When the second and the last foosball table fell to bits, the PTA was delighted to use the funds for a pair of new foosball tables for the KS2 playground. Jacek Owczarczuk (Jacob’s, Sophie’s and Gabriella’s dad) with Marek Jasina (dad of Antos & Tosia) promptly  assembled the outdoor footie tables.

Foosball table

Foosball table

What a thrill!
In just over an hour, the boys played their first game!l! Goal!
Way to go, dads!!!
Thank you!

Girl Power in action:

Girl Power in action

Ela Owczarczuk and Kasia Romaniuk are a dab hand with a paint brush. In a couple of hours, the tired looking train receives a much-needed face lift.

Kasia Romaniuk

With a bit of TLC the train is soon ready for children’s new adventures. All aboard, choo-choo!
Thank you, parents!

Mosaic Workshops.

Zdenko prepping the tree stumps for the weekend mosaic workshops.

Families coming together to enjoy a spot of  mosaic making on one of the scorching
weekends in June ’18.
The children enjoy helping too – soaking down the paper makes it easy to peel off to reveal the colourful mosaics.
The perfect job on a hot day…
The finished mosaic tree stumps will make a lovely outdoor classroom seating.

Christmas Fair ’18

Parents helping at the last Christmas Fair ’18. Thank you Piotrek and Marek the BBQ was

When the PTA Popcorn machine broke down, Zdenko came to the rescue again.


Age is no barrier; even the little one is helping to spruce up the playground planters…
Christian and Victoria, Madeleine, Veronica are all working on their gross motor skills and the planters are looking better for it, too.

We appreciate parents supporting events; we couldn’t do it without them.

Mothers’ Day afternoon 2018

We are grateful to our faithfully supportive Class reps and to all existing and new volunteers.

Bake Sale, Autumn ‘2018.

New volunteers, Ish and Angel (mums of Rishon and Orlando) manning the table,

Father’s Day in Don Bosco College, June 2018.

Thank you, parents.